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The Light of Greece

A Safe Place to Heal the Pain
There's always a place - a private place for each and every one of us. Maybe it's the ocean or an open field. A childhood tree house or temple or church. Or even the silence of a library.
Wherever it may be, it is a safe place to cry. The spirit feels held; the heart is freed.
Self becomes centered.

Time is the Most Precious Thing We Have
No matter how large or how miniscule an issue or problem, nothing changes the fact that we are here at this moment.
One with Earth, Sky, Sun, we can't see our blood cells unless under a microscope and we can't see the Heavens unless through a telescope – planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes and then there is you and me.
And if god/gods are real, I do hope they are looking through their microscopes – and if they have telescopes perhaps, they see what only we can imagine – or maybe they see us.
So at the end of the day there is only one thing that matters in this realm of Earth and Life and that is Time.

The Pnyx Hill: A Place to Cry and Heal
Nestled in the olive and cypress trees and cradled in the greatest echoes of ancient past; if the grounds of the Pnyx Hill could speak it would reveal endless stories but instead she grows chamomile and thyme from our tears.
There is a special spot, where once was once a column. It is here I sit and cry my tears. I don't feel judged nor embarrassed because scattered around this site, I've seen grown men and women shed their tears then pick themselves up ready enough for war.
What is it that brings us here?

Theater of Dionysus - Clearing of the Mind
The most scared performances of antiquity took place at the Dionysus Theater.
Surrounded by an echo of spectators and peering down at the ancient stage from marble seats, imagination can cut through the limitations of space and time.
The actors may long be gone but we are still their audience.

The Acropolis: The Revival of Strength
You don't even know how far you've come until you reach the top of the Acropolis and look down at Athens over great ancient walls – a testament to the strength of body and mind. The Acropolis, the Parthenon, and all her structures and monuments are one of the world's greatest symbols of human potential.

Odeon Theater - The Connection
Performances are held every Spring inside this ancient theater. And though I've never been inside, my favorite moments in this life are to sit outside and listen while enjoying the company of silent, contemplative strangers.
Artists of all crafts are fragile beings, and a special nourishment of the mind is required to avoid being driven into madness. This nourishment can only be derived from special environments, and I believe the Odeon Theater houses the energy of the most fragile yet powerful of all: the Poets.
Because like the poets, The Odeon has seen a share of fire and tragedy, but her spirit is powerful.
Listening to music outside this theater is to unlock the secrets of life. To the artist there is no greater feeling than traversing universes. The night air brightens, the birds of the Mediterranean Summer sing, and vibrations fill the bones with vitality. The heart is completely put at ease; soul is amplified and imagination soars.
I swear if we could see what a soul looks like, this would be it.

The Light of Greece

And now we return home. Our minds are clear, purpose amplified, Spirit is reconnected to Self.

As human beings, we are so deeply drawn into what we cannot understand and it's so easy to be seduced by imagination and weave glorious tales to explain the how’s and whys – but isn't this one of the many gifts of being human?
Imagination is a gift and if you can't build another moon, don't worry. There are a million other ways to decorate a sky. After all, We are, each and every one of us, a Universe of our very own.
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